How to Change Bank Islam Transaction Limit

It’s now turn for the tutorial on how to change Bank Islam Internet Banking transaction limit after I’ve done for Maybank2u, CIMBClicks & iRakyat last week.

Once you’re logged in to your Bank Islam Internet Banking account, hover your mouse to “Settings” and click “Transaction Limit Maintenance”.

You may then set a new transaction limit for third party transfer, interbank IBG and instant interbank transfer, bills payment, prepaid reload as well as FPX payment in a single window. Once you’ve set your new limit, click “Change”.

You’ll be asked to confirm your new limit with i-Access code. Once you get the code to your device, click “Confirm”.

If your setting is accepted, you will get a confirmation window as below.

15 Replies to “How to Change Bank Islam Transaction Limit”

    1. Ada berapa baki dalam akaun ya? Untuk Wadiah Saving Account-i minimum baki yang perlu ada dalam akaun adalah RM10; jadi kalau nak transfer RM10 ke akaun lain sekurang-kurangnya perlu ada RM20 dalam akaun terlebih dahulu.

  1. Saya ada duit lebih kurang rm50 dlm acc. Tapi saya langsung x leh nk keluarkan duit tu walaupum rm10. Knp ye?

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