How to start playing around with Linux

If you have only heard of Linux or its’ distributions such as CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu and many others; but you have never use one before and you wish you have a machine that you could install it and start experiencing the power of Linux yet you only have one PC running Windows; you are reading the right post right now.

Firstly, download the latest version of VirtualBox; in this tutorial, we are going to install the platform package for Windows hosts.

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Why I will avoid Pacific Express JB for route Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday, I bought a ticket to go back to Kuala Lumpur (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, TBS) from Pacific Express JB at the ticket counter in Terminal Larking, Johor Bahru. I specifically asked if the bus will go directly to Kuala Lumpur and a “non-stop” journey and they said yes but there will be a short bathroom break. I then asked for a single seat which they said that it is a free seating so if I’m early then I will get a single seat. So what happened?

Firstly, I arrived 15 minutes early and I got myself a single seat only to have to give up my seat to a lady who insisted me to swap seat with her because she is not comfortable seating beside a random guy. Being a gentleman, I gave up my seat. Continue reading “Why I will avoid Pacific Express JB for route Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur”

Hello world!

Welcome to my newly reset blog, hopefully the very last time I would reset my blog to a fresh new one. Anyway, do you know that the term ‘Hello World’ is commonly used to display a text when you’re learning a new programming language? You do? Alright you got me, this entry is not suppose to have any significant meaning, I just want something written here as my first entry to replace the default.

Hopefully I will write and share more information in this blog more often than my previous blogs. Also, happy new year!