Will VyprVPN speeds up my Webe?

Last year, Telekom Malaysia launched Webe; their very own mobile operator after Celcom left TM several years ago. The most interesting part about Webe is they’re offering an unlimited everything package which includes unlimited mobile data. Before using webe, I almost always had to buy additional quota at the end of every month causing my bills to hike sometimes over RM150 for a single month. Thankfully, it never happened now that I am with webe.

But is webe the fastest? No! I’m pretty sure they are capping everyone’s speed and VPN doesn’t really helps in my case. In my first attempt, my speedtest using webe with a 4 bar LTE signal gets me 7.51 mbps download and 9.79 mbps upload with 22ms latency whereas after connecting to VyprVPN, my download speed was reduced to 6.16 mbps yet my upload speed increased to 9.55 mbps and latency spiked to 190ms.

In a different occasion, I performed another speedtest. This time on a full bar LTE signal which gets me a merely 3.14 mbps download, 7.11 mbps upload and 20 ms latency. After connecting to VyprVPN, my download increased slightly to 3.57 mbps but my uploaded halved at 3.93 mbps with 53 ms latency.


I now regret getting myself a VPN which I thought could easily increase the speed of my mobile data. A VPN could probably speeds up my network but I don’t think it is as simple as I thought. Seems like there are a lot of other stuff that I need to dig if I am to get a lightning fast unlimited mobile internet but I am still going to stick around with webe since it made me stop having to buy additional quota at the end of every month.

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