Utilize Referral Cash Back if you invest in HYIP

I have some bitcoin sitting in my BTC Wallet doing nothing for the past several months so I decided to invest a portion of it in High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). Please note that I do NOT recommend investing your money in HYIP. The return is indeed much higher, so does the risk. People have lost thousands of dollars in HYIP. To minimize the amount of money that I may lost in case the program suddenly stop paying, I make sure that I requested Referral Cash Back (RCB) from my referrer.

There are many monitors out there who are offering very high cash back. In my case, I’m referred to FexFund by SaneGain. They offered upto 2500% RCB for their referrals in FexFund, this amount used to be higher during the start of FexFund and goes lower day after day. Several days ago, I invested $150 worth of BTC and I received $16 worth of BTC back to my bitcoin wallet for being their referral. That’s almost 11% of the money I invested that I gained back. I’m suppose to get 9% return from FexFund in the next several days so I would be getting almost 20% clean profit instead of only 9% promised by the HYIP.

Thanks to the HYIP monitors which offers high RCB such as SaneGain, I am also able to cover my losses whenever the money I invested were lost due to programs stop paying. So if you’re investing in HYIP, make sure you utilize the RCB as well. Good luck and remember not to invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

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